Resin Incenses

Resin Incenses
Looking for incense in its original form, then you cannot go wrong with the great quality natural resins from the Traditional Incense Company.
A fair trade company that brings the following resins in convenient 40gm jars in the following natural resins.
Each resin is a convenient teardrop size, this product will require charocal to burn:
1) Frankincense
2) Frankincense & Myrrh
3) Copal
4) Pufiication (fine ground blend of frankincense)

Incense Powders
These unique incense powders DO NOT NEED CHARCOAL. These powders can be lit and will brn on their own as it's made with fragrance oils blended with sandalwood powder.
To use, simply pinch the powder to form a cone shape and light the tip. Once the incense starts to burn, blow out the flame and the powder will slowly burn and release the aromas at the same time.
USEFUL TIP: You can blend two or more fragrances together to make your own special blends!!!
Available in the following 8 fragrances in 20gm jars:
1) Dragons Blood
2) Healing Lavender
3) Love & Attraction
4) Meditation
5) Patchouli
6) Prosperity
7) Protection
8) Sandalwood