Om Incenses

This fair trade incenses started with one fragrance, Om Nagchampa. After the wild popularity of the first product Om Incense Works has added 12 more great fragrances.

One of the uniqe aspects of this incense is that it all natural, made with honey, natural wood resins, sandalwood powder and fragrances oils.

The result is a truly wonderful selection of fragrances that will create a great fragrance experience.

Fragrances available in this line:

Om Nagchampa - The warm fragrance of amber is unmistakable rich, sensual aromatic incense. Om Dragons Blood - This delishous rich fragrance of the dragons blood resin, almost intoxicating. One of the best sellers!!

Om Amber - Suble combination of more than 30 scentous oils combined with natural resins and honey. Fragrance is spicy, with sweet undertone.

Om Exotic - Fragrance that brings all the aromas of the magical India together to make an exotic aroma thats rich and sweet.

Om Frankincense - The most genuine frankincense. Why? because it'smade from ground frankincense powder then rolled on the stick, no other fragrances to disturb this biblical reknown resin incense, most unique.

Om Jasmine - The sweet fragrance of indian jasmine.

Om Lavender - Enjoy the fragrance of lavender fields with this comforting aroma of healing lavender. Om Musk - This natural non-animal musk incense, musky, spicy but smooth.

Om Patchouli - If you want flash back to the hippy 70's this will transport you back, made with real patchouli essential oil.

Om Passion - Unique blend of flowers that come together form a unique sweet aphrodiesiac that sure to ignite passion!!!

Om Rose - Enjoy the pleasures of walking through an English rose garden with this delicate rose fragrace, sweet but never overpowering.

Om Temple - If you want a truly Indian fragrance that will take you straight to the temples in India, this is it!! Sweet, spicy, and strong.

Om Sandalwood - the unique aroma of Mysore sandalwood, smooth and sweet.

This products features the following benefits:

1) Fair Trade products
2) Slow burning, each 8" stick burns for 1 hour
3) Natural honey based incense
4) Made from 100% sustainable raw material
5) Packaging made from recycled board
6) Eco friendly biodegrable packaging